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Window Seal Failure is never a good thing.

Moisture or damp air within the window cavity will significantly reduce the "R-Value" of your windows. The majority of sealed windows only contain air, nothing more. the R-Value in your window is solely based on the dry airspace between the glass. this is why you must take action when you see the window condensation.

Fact: Foggy windows are more than just ugly to look through, the window condensation reduces the windows ability to insulate you from outside temperatures defeating the purpose of having thermo-pane windows.

Furthermore, moisture begins to rot and corrode your wood window components if not fixed.  As fog turns into condensation it leaves white vertical drip lines, etched panes and eventually large patches of white haze and finally water bedding at the bottom of the glass unit.

Save money with Integrity!

During these hard economic times we are all looking for ways to save money. That’s why repairing your windows Instead of costly New Window Replacement will keep a lot of much needed money in your pocket. Save yourself some money and Call us for a Free Estimate now!




The Importance of a good seal is critical:

Very Important, please read the following!!


Take the time to do a visual inspection of your windows and trim boards. If you do not know what to look for please contact INTEGRITY and we will be happy to accommodate you with a free inspection. Look all around your windows for loose, cracked or absence of caulk. Also inspect where the sash meets the glass.

Note: Sealing your windows should be done by a professional window technician to insure proper window protection. (Painters are not certified in this area.)

Do No Overlook the Importance of Properly Sealing Your Wood Windows!

Wood windows require a good seal. Often exterior caulking is the only thing preventing water damage and rot! We pay special attention to the critical areas whee water and air penetrate causing windows to be drafty and prone to rot and finally paint to fail. Your entire paint job depends on a good water proof seal. Integrity is very adamant about using a high premium special sealant caulk for maximum protection on all our jobs!

A significant part of exterior paint preparation is caulking. If the exterior caulking is not done correctly the rest of the job will suffer. The best paint in the world won't be able to perform to it's potential if the caulk fails or if gaps and cracks are left open and exposed to water infiltration. The main cause of paint failure is water getting under the paint film. In addition, sealing all of these gaps will greatly reduce water and air infiltration assuring a long lasting paint job. The exterior caulking can reduce your utility bill if done correctly. This means a good sealant will actually pay for itself. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a free evaluation or professional sealant job.

Damage is the result of missing sealant!


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